Appreciation for the art of waiting

Moi Mendoza
2 min readAug 15, 2020

Waiting for something is like lingering in a dimension where the only certain thing is uncertainty. But being situated in that condition also allows us to be certain for the impossible things.

Art can be perceived as something beautiful and meaningful. It could be seen almost everywhere; through the sturdiest stone on the ground, to the celestial beings that we can ever imagine. Art can also be something that our eyes cannot see but our minds do, and the sensation that our hearts feel but our bodies do not. Art is not just something that people make, it is also what makes up the human soul. Each people have differences; we have different arts within us. But not most people have the ability to wait. Well, a lot can wait, but not in the manner of being patient with the things that require a lot of waiting. To wait for something is not just expecting something to happen, it also makes us anticipate the things we might feel upon facing the various possibilities(or impossibilities) that may come. Waiting takes a lot of courage. And to wait for a very long time can be depressing, however, being in that situation makes us more unsusceptible to the pain from our failed expectations. On the other hand, waiting for a long period allows us to be prepared for the great moments that our hearts long for. It feeds our souls with hope and positivity towards everything that may happen later in the future. We just have to let it grow engagingly within us because not everyone is patient enough to appreciate the benefits of allowing one’s self to wait, and some people see it as something agonizing and tedious.

Waiting is beautiful, therefore it is a form of art. Waiting makes us keen and it is favorable enough for us. Those who have that ability are strong and prosperous, for they are willing to face anything that may come; even the unfortunate ones.